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I founded this digital Online magazine in June of 2018.  We have had 6 issues so far and 2019 is looking to be a great year. You learn more about me on the direct website. 


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August 2019 - Launched the newest issue of Elevate Magazine shown below.  Enjoy reading the magazine and if you have any feedback or ideas on article features and highlights, drop me an email directly.  

Thank you. 

Melissa Swader


About Us

Elevate Magazine - October/November 2019


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Inside this issue, we reflect on what is truly important in 

our lives and how shift into a positive direction that brings

you wisdom, joy and happiness. 


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January/February 2019

Elevate Magazine is a digital Online magazine publication that showcases business advertisements of those businesses offering services in the area. The magazine also include article highlights on businesses, trending topics, or individual features. 

Advertising Opportunities


This magazine was designed so that all business owners could advertise on their specific budget.  We have premiere advertising space, full pages, and the marketplace ads for new start up companies with a budget. 

Article Features


Elevate Magazine is to help bring the local community and businesses together.  In doing so, we love to share article features such as the cover stories, news about different organizations, company highlights (awards & recognition), and/or individual features that share positive stories.  We always welcome ideas from our readers so do not hesitate to contact us today.