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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about all the different social media pages I created. 

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools around the globe.  This is the quickest way of reaching your connections instantly, and more importantly, it is FREE.  As a social media influencer, I am able to promote small business services and/or products to different audiences.  Though most of my readers are people that I have met in person or hope to meet in person in this lifetime.  Building strong relationships throughout my career has given my readers the confidence in trusting in me when I endorse a company, services, or product. 

 We hope you enjoy reading about all our sites.  If you are interested in having me promote your product on anyone of our forums, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know how I can help you. :-) 

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My new page was developed to show you everything I am involved in. You will get to go behind the scenes at local events, endorsements, watch live Videos, read about business features and more.  

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Social Media Platforms

Addicted to Anthemstuff & Community

This closed Facebook Community group was created to bring the local community and businesses together.  This group serves as a POSITIVE forum where the current 6,000 members can ask for business service referrals, post 'Shout-Outs', ask for help & support, highlight acknowledgements of our business community, school & sports program, and so much more.  

Anthem AZ Community

This is an open Facebook community groups that was designed to share news about Anthem, AZ and the surrounding north valley communities.  We post current news, updates, calendars, fundraisers, local events, and so much more. 

Anthem Exchange

This closed Facebook Community group was designed as a "BUY/SELL" group.  You can join the approximate 21,000 members to post items for sale and can purchase from anyone on the site.  *NOTE - this is not a business advertising forum, so those posts will be removed.   Anyone is welcome to join as long as they are aware they have to drive to the north valley area to make those transactions. 

Fun Fact:  This group was the FIRST EVER "Swip~Swap" page in Arizona.  This group was gifted to me when the original founder moved out of state.  Since then, I have grown the group and rebranded the new name to Anthem Exchange.  


This is Elevate Magazine's business Facebook page.  We make announcements on our news and any involvement we have with the valley.  We also promote our advertisers throughout the duration of the magazine issue.  So if you are a business who advertises with Elevate Magazine, you will get the marketing exposure on ALL of these platforms.  The magazine links are posted everywhere!!  Not to mention, we pay for paid promotions to promote our business advertisers targeted to your specific audience to help bring YOU NEW business. 


As shown in the link on this page, Elevate Magazine is a digital Online magazine publication created for the North Valley Communities in Phoenix, AZ.  All the information can be found on our website. 

Anthem AZ Community

When the Addicted to Anthemstuff & Community closed Facebook group was created, I wanted to present a corresponding community website to showcase news and article  highlights that I could not post on the social media page.  This website serves as another resource to area.  If you have any events coming up, we will put them on our calendar for you.  If you have any ideas of features in the community, we always welcome your feedback.  All the information can be found on our website.